How to pick your best summer accessory, your sunglasses!

Finding the best pair of sunglasses is not easy! There are so many factors to consider like:

  • the shape of our face
  • skin coloring
  • personal aesthetics
  • lifestyle

If you intend on investing on a new pair this post will really help you make the perfect choice. Here you can find a full guide on how to pick the right pair of glasses according to your personal style.

Some pairs are fit for all.

Carrera SunglassesBig sunglasses with a vintage feel are always in. You could even choose to give a 70s feel to your summer looks with the right pair of round glasses. You could try a pair of Carrera sunglasses which can suit every face and every style. They combine quality and design with attention to detail.

Is your skin coloring light?

In case your skin color is light, a discreet subtle color frame can be exactly what you are looking for. You can choose a finely crafted pair of shades like the ones offered by Carrera. Avoid exaggeration and team it with a simple white summer outfit or any type of swimsuit. Thanks to your light complexion you can go with any color. Use this to your advantage.

Do you prefer all-time classic?

If your personal style is quite simple and you are looking for a classic timeless option and a robust design, then go for the perfect black Carrera pair. Black doesn’t have to be boring. It can be elegant and refined. If your face is long, opt for a design that is squared but not austere.

Are you looking for vintage?

If you rather opt for a vintage feel, reminiscent of a 60s Hollywood movie star, choose some cat shaped shades. Always stylish, always quirky. Go for subtle corners that will elevate your facial features as well as your outfit. If you prefer dark colors for your wardrobe stick to classic cuts and just look for that little tiny twist that will make all the difference. As always, it’s the little details that make all the difference. A pair from Carrera would be an excellent choice for anyone loving the vintage look.

Are you looking for the ultimate fresh look?

Carrera sunglassesIf you really want to make a difference this summer go for fresh colors. Select a pair of shades that will elevate your spirit and your wardrobe. A pair of Carrera sunglasses can be the ideal element of your look. It combines elegance and modernity. Take your hair color under consideration before making your choice. Dark hair can create a striking contrast with light colored sunglasses. < /br> This is it with my tips on choosing the most important summer accessory: sunglasses. Remember to wear them not only for style but also for protection. Sun rays can harm your eyes so look for quality as well as design. Carrera sunglasses can guarantee both. < /br> Happy shopping, and don’t forget to smile! Any outfit, any accessory, any pair of sunglasses will look so much more radiant accompanied by your best smile! Enjoy the sun!

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