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You want to look sensational? Tidy your closet!

It’s just so easy to keep wearing what is on top of the pile. So, do something about it unless you want to keep wearing the same outfit again and again. Which is a shame because you definitely do have a lot more hanging in the dark side of your closet. And a few more hidden in the back of your drawers.

You want to look sensational? You want to find your new look?

Here is a quick, easy and free way to upgrade your look.

Tidy your closet following those three easy steps.

  1. First of all, remove and donate everything that doesn’t really fit. Anything that is worn out and lifeless. This will clear up the space for those pieces you once bought and forgot about them.
  • Now it’s time to bring out all that is hidden in the back of your closet. Retrieve and cherish everything you ever bought that is of good quality and elevates your style. Anything created by natural materials is to be appreciated; all cotton, linen, silk, wool or cashmere. Anything that has even a remote connection with a celebrated designer.
  • Time to organize! Basic rule dictates organizing by season and by style. Clearly you only need in your closet all things relevant to current season. Anything that stays needs to get organized according to its use, color and genre. Make sure everything is neat and tidy and visible.

Once all is right there in front of your eyes, dare to play! Experiment with forms, colors, types. Try on anything you like; it’s yours! Have fun playing around with all the tops and accessories you ever bought and forgot about.

Dare to be your own stylist, take pictures of your perfect new looks so you remember them and wear them!

Discover new color combinations, new shapes and outlines and enjoy the new you!

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